Saturday, July 28, 2018

July 28, 2018 It's been a busy month

It’s been a busy month.

Brownie at Black Elk Peak aka Harney Peak
After we shipped our grandson back home, we rested a little then got right back in to  having fun. If you can call cleaning shower houses and fire pits fun. Well it is in its own way, kind of like a meditation. Become the mop, become the toilet brush, become the shovel and be in the moment. Okay I know, stop trying to glorify the job. But I have received positive comments from visitors who really do appreciate having a clean bathroom and everyone so far on my watch has been friendly. People have a few questions, about the trails(which of course, I love to talk about), the Wildlife Loop, the fastest way to Spearfish, Rapid, Deadwood (there is no fast way to anywhere) or where the good fishing is. I am happy to help make their experience a good one.

Besides, its only 2 days a week and only until after Labor Day, I think I can manage that. And as the boss says, ‘gives you some WAM!’ (that’s Walking Around Money). Barely that because I am using this opportunity to pay some income tax, the money I earn teaching yoga is contract pay so there’s nothing taken out and I really hate to have a big tax bill at the end of the year.

view of the Needles

T from Colorado at Harney Peak
Moving on, let’s get to some pictures! I know that’s what you really want here is just to see the beauty of this place. I had the pleasure of a friend visit from Colorado for a few days. We did some fun touristy things like a short tour of Rapid City, a scenic drive on Iron Mountain Road and going to the Blackhills Playhouse to see the musical Oklahoma!, on a Thursday. The next day I played tour guide and drove up the Needles Highway, we hiked to Little Devil’s Tower and Black Elk Peak, ending the day with a drive around the Wildlife Loop to see the buffalo (who cooperated by putting on a show near the road). We had a wonderful time and I was so happy to have a playmate for a few days.

eye of the needle tunnel

Mind you, I do have other people to play with, but one of them went away for a couple of weeks and the others work more days than I do. One day Jay and I loaded up my kayak and went with Tricia and Ferg to Deerfield Lake to paddle around and have a picnic. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and only a light wind that whipped up occasionally. Ooops, no photos of that outing.
view at the Needles

But there are photos of the abundant wildflowers Deb and I saw on our Prairie Loop hike. 

wild rose

even a prickly pear cactus
And for those of you who don’t visit FB, here’s some pics of my recent adventure with Tricia and Ferg. With all the rain we’ve been having the creeks are high. We didn’t know it was going to be a problem, and with only 1/2 mile left of our 5 mile hike we weren’t going to turn around. So we acted like mountain goats and went across the rocks above the creek which was scarier I think than crossing the creek would have been. We came away without incident of a fall or getting wet, or both. 

in the beginning
thunderstorm a-brewin'

can't cross here either
nope, can't cross here

yep, way up there in the loose rocks
my backside across the rocks

Jay is still working full time, he drives 75-100 miles a day, all over the park taking care of the water supply for all the visitors. This includes taking water samples at the swimming beaches to make sure the goose poop hasn’t caused too much contamination.

Have a great day! If the rain keeps up there will likely be more to see here.

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July 28, 2018 It's been a busy month

It’s been a busy month. Brownie at Black Elk Peak aka Harney Peak After we shipped our grandson back home, we rested a little t...