Friday, June 15, 2018

June 15, 2018 a poem

This has been an interesting journey for me. Without having to report to a job, either paid or volunteer, my time is truly my own. Not every waking moment includes introspection or productivity, or doing of anything. I'm even hesitant to establish any kind of schedule for anything, except meditation and yoga practices. I do begin most days with both of those habits. With that I can feel pretty complete and let the rest of the day unfold as it will.

I know this will change, everything does. So I am doing my best to be in the present moment each day. I am always surprised at how quickly the time passes with whatever I choose to do. Today I made the effort to work on my Chair Yoga teacher training course outline. Something that is important to me and yet, I can procrastinate getting to it quite well.

me and Brownie on the Mickelson trail
The weather was fine the other day so I went for a 20 mile bike ride on the Mickelson Trail. Yesterday it was blazing hot,(100+ degrees) so the neighbor and I decided it would be a good goof off day, going for a drive, doing some shopping, lunch, all things that would provide AC to keep us cool. I also make a little time for knitting, picking my banjo and writing.

On one of my hikes shortly after my arrival here I sat down and came up with this poem. I call it,
My Old Friend.

My Old Friend

The trail is like an old friend
Always with me to the end
Listening with an open ear
To help me face my fear.

And when I go off the path as if to stray
The old friend is there to guide my way
I watch the sunlight dance on the water’s surface
As we both flow on to our purpose.

Travel lightly, travel long
Know all the while you’re not alone
Along the trail, whether dusty or dry
The old friend will be there when you cry.

The beauty of each long mile 
Will bring back that beautiful smile
Moss gives comfort cushioning a rock
Giving me time to think and maybe talk

When I feel like falling apart
The trail will be there to warm my heart
Even thought there’s no one to listen 
I watch the suns rays as they glisten.

And wonder at the blue sky
Asking myself the question, why?
Where on the trail it might be hidden
I know the answer lies within.

The end of my walk is near
I know there is nothing to fear
The trail is like an old friend
Always with me to the end

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