Monday, March 19, 2018

March 18, 2018 I love my cats....

Really I do. They wonderful companions, they don’t take a lot of effort to care for. They are pretty content to sleep most of the time, letting me know when they need to be fed. Even though they are 12 years old, they are still mischievous and can create some havoc on occasion. 

Toby likes to get into things. He likes to pull books off the low book shelves in an effort to get in behind them. If there’s a paper bag with a few items in it, he’s trying to get into that bag. He likes to get into dresser drawers, pulling socks and shirts out just because he can. He also likes to climb if he thinks there’s a possibility of getting on top of something. 

The other evening, after dinner, Jay was sitting outside relaxing and I was working on the computer when all of a sudden I heard a strange crash. I quickly got up to go check on Jay, it sounded like something might have tipped over on the patio, but not the sound of broken glass. All was quiet in the living room, but I didn’t see either of the cats. Further investigation into the creation room (which is the guest/meditation/yoga/reading/creating space) found the box containing my button collection on the floor. Spilled on to the floor. No easy feat, even for Toby. I had left the closet door open in the creation room. The box containing the buttons was on the top shelf, on top of other boxes. It weighs about 10 pounds. As you can see in the picture there are stacks of plastic boxes on the floor which makes the overhead shelf in the closet more accessible to a cat. The two quilts in the corner didn’t have anything on top of them which made for a clear space for him to get to. Then somehow, he got in behind the button box and sent it and the two boxes it was on to the floor, the contents of everything scattered around.

do I look guilty?
That’s why I couldn’t see either of them in the living room. They took cover in the other bedroom, far from the scene of the crime. Ruby was smuggly curled up on her bed and Toby was trying to look innocent.

I love my cats. Really I do.

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