Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7, 2017 cooking in a tiny kitchen

pitting cherries
Some days I get very inspired to manage our food. I say it that way because we have a very limited amount of space to store staples and I also have to plan ahead more than I would in my regular kitchen. Condiments and seasonings are limited. I know food doesn’t need to be complicated and wonderful things can be created with just a few ingredients and in about 30 minutes too. 

cherry clafouti

It’s always nice when good things come our way, like fresh cherries. One of the kids I work with is from Rapid City and his parents have cherry trees in their yard. They brought him a lot of cherries with instructions to share them with everyone. I was very happy to oblige on the receiving end and made a cherry clafouti for our dessert. 

I also whipped together a ratatouille in our trusty cast iron skillet. That’s always a good one to get a lot of veggies on the plate.

We are considering buying a dutch oven for outdoor cooking. The kind with the feet and the flat rimmed lid. We have sampled some dutch oven cooking, done a little research on the good ol’ innernet and also went to a presentation at the park by the Black Hills Dutchers on how to do it. Our good fortune as well is one of the camp hosts where Jay spends a lot of his time, has done dutch oven cooking for many years and has 4 ovens! They suggested we borrow one of theirs, cook a meal in it with their help, to see if we want to make that investment. I’m hesitating because I don’t want something else that’s going to suck up my time right now. I feel like I have so little spare time to do anything. And in addition to the kettle, there are all the accessories to go with the process, the briquette starter, briquettes, the lid lifter, hot mitts and a trivet to set the hot lid on. I guess once you get the set up, the simple thing can be simple. We'll have to see how our test run goes before we make the investment.

Now for a wildlife update. We had a very large visitor about a week after we moved in to our new parking space. He comes and goes and minds his own business. Although I didn’t appreciate the pie he left in our yard. We have enough trouble with persistent flies without needing that to attract more. I did find a shovel and move it further from our domicile, all 10 pounds of it. 

yes, I have a good zoom lense

soooo tired.......

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