Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 10, 2017 1880 steam train ride

A little adventure we made with the neighbors was on the 1880 steam train. It runs between Keystone and Hill City. One of the benefits we received as a park employee was a VIP card that gives us all kinds of freebies and discounts to the tourist attractions and activities in the Black HIlls. This was one of the freebies. We decided to park in Keystone and ride the train to HIll City. There is a better selection of restaurants there, and just a little more to see than what Keystone has to offer. We all wanted to have lunch at the German restaurant, the Alpine, and this itinerary would give us plenty of time for that with some time left over for window shopping, people watching and a tour of the train museum for Mike and Jay.

Brownie decided she wanted to go for the ride too. She had fun getting her picture taken with the conductor and our guide. No hats in her size though, but she did like the little stuffed trains in the gift shop. 

She was also hoping to go to the Teddy Bear museum, but again we were disappointed. They are closed on Tuesdays. So we just took her picture next door with the carved bear.

She was brave sticking her head out the window of the train. It would be a long fall and a long way back for us to come rescue her. They cautioned everyone not to put their arms out or to lean out too far because they wouldn't be stopping to pick up anything that was dropped.  I wasn’t too worried about Jay’s head dropping off when he stuck his out the window.

We had a nice tour of the original route between the hill towns. Afterwards, we drove home on the old road that follows that route too before heading home. It was a lovely day with good friends. We a very fortunate to have met such nice people, not only for doing fun things with, but good neighbors and now even good coworkers as I had the pleasure of working with them last weekend during the first days of the big Sturgis motorcycle rally. We were really able to make the time go by quickly and Terri and I did the 3 o'clock dance and even added some moves. 

prior to the 3 o'clock dance

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