Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 10, time and moving

Time is a valuable coin, be careful how you spend it.

banjo, books, kindle, knitting
Seems like I just can’t seem to make time for my leisure pursuits. Here they sit, in my corner.  My knitting, my book, the kindle and my banjo. My kumihimo project hasn’t even seen the light of day since we got here. Then there is my writing. That takes a bunch of time, even when I am focused. 

next project

I’m working 40 hours a week, which I knew I would be doing. Just seems like when I was working for the city, I got a lot of stuff done, even during the week. I also have a much longer commute, about 30 minutes each way. At least one day off each week is devoted to doing laundry, errands and grocery shopping. We  try to lump all that together because it’s a long drive to town, either Custer or Rapid City. Then we try to do something fun or explore on our other day off.

We did drive up Spearfish Canyon last week. We headed up north bypassing the Needles Highway. We did stop in Lead for lunch. Pretty quiet for a Monday before a holiday. That was a very pretty drive, there was even a small waterfall and we had a nice walk along the creek to get there. 

And it all seems to go back to the whole train of thought about productivity and time management. It would certainly be easier for me if I wasn’t interested in so many things. I really have prioritized what is truly important to me. 

  • Spending time with Jay,
  • Being present with other people,
  • Yoga,
  • Meditation,
  • Spending time outdoors,
  • Then all the other things I listed off above.

It’s all part of self-inquiry and self-awareness. I do spend time with that too, because that helps me to not be disappointed with myself when I don’t do some of the other things I want to do. I am able to remind myself that I am making these choices about how I want to spend my time. I even tell myself that when I head out on a hike. I say, “remember, the longer you spend out on the trail, the less time you will have to study, or knit or whatever it is I think I want to be doing.” And yet, there I go, one foot in front of the other, hiking along the trail. 

Another time consuming thing this week was moving day. They finally got our new campsite ready enough for us to move in to. 

We went from this:

To this:

moving out
It’s still a little rough and we’ll have to go to town for laundry now, but better than being next to the trash juicer. We spent one day getting things picked up, (a lot of fire wood, you know), and moved in.

moving in
Then the next day Jay wanted to get the area smoothed out a little better, because who knows how long it will take them to get back down here to finish it. It’s frustrating, not only to us, but to the other campers here too. We have construction background, as does our Iowa neighbor, but even those who don’t have that background understand that water doesn’t flow uphill and neither will our sewer hoses. The sites are lower than the surrounding ground and the sewer stubs are all high. And grass seed won’t grow in mud. It really is better than where we were.

All part of the adventure
the cats checking out the new location

neat and tidy woodpile

Jay hard at work as usual. Can't get a shovel away from him.

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