Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 9, 2017 Happy Anniversary, a day late!

Happy Anniversary!

What better way to spend our anniversary? Our anniversary was Monday, May 8. And we are doing what we said we wanted to do, work in a park. Not an amusement park with rides and carnival games. A state park, and it happens to be in South Dakota. Custer State Park. Actually, we haven’t done any work for the park yet, we start on Tuesday. 

fish hook creek

We have been here a couple of times, the first time on one of our tent camping trips many moons ago, the second time in 2015 with my Mom and Chuck, us in our 5th wheel, them in Chuck’s Georgetown RV. We often talked about working in a park when we quit our jobs at the city. We thought it might be fun to be camp hosts. You know, the people in the campground who greet you as you pull in to help you find your space, or turn you away because the campground is full,  or the person you come to at 2 a.m. because the people in the next tent are making too much noise. We vetoed that plan and started looking at other opportunities in parks and there are many. There are paid positions and volunteer positions and we chose the paid positions this time. 

The first two summers after leaving our city jobs we spent driving around the countryside, exploring potential places we might want to stay for a few months. There were a few other places around that we thought might be possibilities but when Jay suggested Custer State Park that’s where we focused our attention. It all worked out, we picked our park, made applications, interviewed and were hired. Then we had the road trip to get here.

We made it here last Friday afternoon, May 5. One of the friendly volunteers took us to our parking spot only to find an old trailer and two old jeep tour jeeps covered with tarps in the way. Hmm. Where is Ganesha? Right there in the shape of Jay’s supervisor, Lance. He managed to get the stuff moved out of the way within an hour and we were able to get parked and leveled up. Then took an afternoon drive on the Wildlife Loop Road to see about meeting some of our neighbors, the buffalo.

We spent most of Saturday morning getting set up for a more permanent arrangement inside the trailer and making better use of some of the space. Takes a little getting used to being in 300 square feet. The weather was fine, sunny and warm all weekend and we took advantage of it to explore by bicycle, walking and a ride on the RZR. A great way to start our stay.
one of our new neighbors, a white tail deer

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