Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 10. 2017 Yes, cats can have bad breath

Over the past couple of months, I noticed that Toby has had some really bad breath. Then, over the past couple of days, he’s been behaving a little oddly. He chucked up a hairball the other day, which is nothing out of the ordinary, but later he was moving his head sideways and sticking out his tongue like he had something stuck in his teeth that he couldn’t get out. I tried having a look in his mouth, but he would have nothing to do with that. So I let him be.

The next day while we were all relaxing on the bed I thought I would do some more checking on his mouth. I rubbed the left side, all ok, then rubbed the right side, not all ok. He didn’t want me touching him there. I left him alone and we all got up and had our coffee and breakfast(the cats just had breakfast, no coffee). After he had his breakfast, he went and curled up on the bed. A little while later, Jay came out with a ‘gift’ for me that he found in the bed. Apparently Toby had a rotten tooth and it fell out, in the bed. Good thing it’s laundry day. 

Today,Toby is feeling better, he seems to be back to his old self, eating and sleeping on his regular schedule. His breath isn’t better yet, but maybe that will come later.

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