Friday, February 19, 2016

February 19, 2016 Play time!

Since we brought our new toy home, I haven’t had much of a chance to go play with it. Jay has been out a few times, he found some people around here to ride with. Turns out there are quite a few people around that have a toy in the garage, not just their hot rods or car projects or golf carts. And since I work two days a week, and have been playing golf once or twice a week, he has had plenty of time without me to go riding in the desert.
He met a couple from Saskatchewan, Ron and Lynn, who have a RZR 1000 who have been on the lookout for some like minded people to ride with and it turns out we are some of those like minded people. They wanted to go east to Hot Well Dunes to check it out. This was a place that I had found last fall that I thought would be a good place to take the Montana for a few days, before we considered buying the RZR. We were going to head over there in December, but then the weather turned cold and it’s a little higher elevation there and was really cold then so we put it off. 

They had read about the dunes in their Guide to Arizona back roads and 4-wheel drive trails handbook. I was hesitant to go because it’s about 3 hours from here, long way for a day trip in my mind and I had an 8:07 tee time Friday morning so I wasn’t able to stay overnight anywhere. They haul their RZR in the back of their Ford pickup, so Ron offered to drive and tow our car trailer with our RZR on it. I was still hesitant, but thought, that’s what we bought it for, to go play in the desert and to explore the off-road trails, so what the heck, let’s go. 

Wednesday evening Jay went to the store to get some provisions for lunch and snacks and picked up the trailer from the storage lot to have it at the house for an early start on Thursday. Ron and Lynn showed up promptly at 7:00 a.m. and we were loaded and ready to go by 7:15. Had a brief stop in Benson for fuel and made it to the Hot Well Dunes by about 10:00. It was a sunny day with the temperature in the low 80’s and a light breeze. We unloaded and took off!! First went exploring out in the foothills on a gravel road and found an old concrete dam. 

Then we made our way back to the picnic area for our lunch and a soak in the hot water. After that, it’s time to play in the sand! So off we go. We take turns taking the lead, zipping around the trails, just seeing what there is to see. The wind is bringing in some clouds for a little bit of cover and casting some great shadows on the mountain sides. Those shadows really bring out the color in the rocks and create some great scenery. Of course I had my camera with me and played around with that a bit.

We found a bigger sandy dune, more open and there was a fun donut hole we took turns playing in. And took turns running up and down, and down and up the hill. After a couple of hours of all of that, it was time to start packing up for the long drive back. We got everything loaded up then took a nice soak in the hot water again. 

Needed to leave the sand where we found it, in the desert. We got on the road to head back about 5:00, I suggested we stop somewhere along the way back for some dinner, I was already getting hungry, and thanks to Trip Advisor we found the Big Tex B-B-Q in Willcox. The meat was good, Jay had beef ribs, Ron had some brisket, Lynn had some pulled pork and I had a burger. They need a little work on their fries, so I think if we stop in there again I would have the pinto beans. Jay had those and they were good. 

It was a wise idea to stop, I knew it would be late when we got back and we would be tired. And were we ever tired. Slept like a rock, then an early get up Friday morning for my golf game at Desert Hills with Pat and Gary. Boy, was my putting off! Really gave me a bad score, but we had a good time. The greens there are really fast and Gary gave me a tip for playing them so I’ll have to go practice that new technique to see if I can make it pay off in time for our tournament in a few weeks. I think part of my problem was I was tired from all that playing in the desert on the RZR. Who knew retirement was going to be so busy?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 6, 2016 Our new toy

We managed to sell the golf cart, but not before we brought home our new toy. Jay had been shopping for a couple of weeks for a Polaris RZR 900. We had gone to north Tucson the first week in January for a test drive. It was nice, had after market exhaust which made it a bit louder than they normally are. We were ready to buy that one but we didn’t have the money ready and that turned out to be a good thing. Because while we were waiting, Jay continued shopping and found a couple of other ones that had a few more after market options on them that made them a little bit better deal than the first one we drove. The only down side was that one was in North Phoenix and the other one was in Safford(okay, I know that means nothing to you because you don’t know where Safford is in relation to anything. It’s just about as far away as North Phoenix is, 2-1/2 hour drive, but in a north easterly direction towards New Mexico). 

We opted to go with the one in North Phoenix and contacted the seller to make arrangements for a test drive. Of course you know we are going to buy it, we took the trailer with us so we could haul it home. Just have to come to an agreement on the price. The seller was agreeable to negotiating the price, we did get that over the phone before we headed up there. After a test drive for both of us, we got down to the haggling. It will need new tires before the end of the summer and those aren’t cheap, so we offered less. He came back with his lowest price, then we came up a little, but still not to where he wanted to be. We were hesitating and leaning towards our truck. Then he sweetened the deal by throwing in a GPS unit and coming down the cost of one tire. We shook hands all around and sealed the deal.

By  5:00 we were loaded up and back on the road headed home with our new toy!

Sunday we went out for a drive south of our house on the way to Arivaca. Lots of dirt roads out in the hills there. This is going to be a lot of fun!

And it’s a magnet. All the neighbors have come out to see what we brought home. Jay has already connected with a few other guys who have similar rigs and has gone out with them. Not to worry, I’ll get my time too. No reason for him to stay home on days when I am teaching.

Friday, February 5, 2016

February 5, 2016 benefits of being at home with a head cold

On Tuesday I had no energy to do anything except lie in bed and then watch an old Western with Raquel Welch. On Wednesday I cancelled all of my classes and by the afternoon felt well enough to work on the quilt project. Thursday afternoon, I finished it!! Finally! I had done the final layout of the block in November and told myself I would have it assembled by the end of December, a good goal for the year end. But that didn't pan out the way I had planned.

So here it is, on the bed, complete with cat.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 4, 2016 Baby, it's cold outside.

But this cool cat knows where to find the heat.

Sitting by the fire is great, but it does get kinda hot so I’ll take a break in my Mom’s favorite chair.

It was down to 29 F degrees last night. Brrrr. So me and the cats have been keeping each other warm as I managed to catch a head cold and haven't been going out much this week. On the mend tho.

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